Monday, January 20, 2014

Linear Landscape Quilts Finished Project

I've been working for on an Art Quilt as my project for this months technique for GreatFul Threads Art Quilt Guild.  This year started a new monthly project.  We will be pulling two techniques out of a hat so that the choices will be random.  From the two that we pick, we may choose one or both if we wish to incorporate into a Art Quilt.  The first drawing was in December to be prepared for the January meeting. Since I wasn't at the meeting my friend Sharon from was nice enough to draw mine for me.  What she drew was painting or ricing.

I'd enrolled in the Craftsy Course Linear Landscape Quilts by Gloria Loughman last year and have been a little nervous about making an art quilt so have procrastinated on working on the class project.   I've decided now was the time to get over that fear and just do it.  For the painting portion I cut up a white sheet into several sections and painted them following Gloria 's instructions.  These pieces became the bottom layer of my project while fabric from my stash are the contours. Despite my worry the project wasn't as  difficult as I thought it would be.

Once I had all the sewing and quilting done the final touches included using the ricing technique on the water and tree's on the quilt.  Ricing is a Japanese technique of Sashiko where the stitches are the size of rice and are random.  I used two different blogs to research this technique. The first was and the other was

Here is my finished Project!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

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New Year New Beginnings, But first Lets end last year!

Well it is a new year and I'm ready for the surprises and quilting excitement to come my way. First I wish to finish out last year. I still haven't gotten my Tin Lizzie machine working the way it should. I'm being told that the parts are on order. I feel I'm being given the run around but I have no recourse. My biggest problem is with it sewing in stitch regulated mode so I'm learning to quilt without it for now. I did manage to get three quilts completed on it to finish out last year.

My Christmas Quilt
Sis's Pearl Jam Quilt

This one was commissioned by my mother-in-law