Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sewing Tables Adjustable and other wise

Sew AdjusTable 24" X 24" - Sewing Mates I found this awesome table that will adjust to the size of any sewing machine. This is now on my wish list. I have three machines I can use for piecing. I have a Pfaff Hobby 1122 that goes with me to classes and guild and a Viking 500 that I keep up on my table all the time and then I have an old Singer for straight stitch. Each machine has a different size bed. I've been looking at the Sew Steady Extension Tables but I'd have to buy one for each of my machines. Which would come out to a large sum of money. I saw this on Bonnie Hunter blog at http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2012/04/happy-easter-happy-passover.html  This would defiantely be the best choice.  One table for many machines.

Another thing I've been looking at is Sew-Ez table http://www.seweziusa.com/index.html  I've seen several people bring them to guild meetings and classes. At the moment my sewing machine is on my coffee table in the living room.  I have my Tin Lizzie Longarm set up in my sewing room but it really takes up the whole room.  In the back corner I have a table for sewing and another table for cutting and ironing but I feel pretty closed in there and tend to do most of my sewing in the living room while my husband plays games on his computer. I can't complain because before I was a quilter I was a gamer.  Its just now that I quilt I don't have as much time to game.

I had a nice sewing machine cabinet that fit my Singer machine. I got the machine and cabinet for $35 from an ad in the newspaper when I first began to quilt.  When we made room for the longarm my Mom was supposed to take it to her house to store it until I could find a way to fit it in my condo along with a few other items.  Well a loud bang later, I watched her throw it down the stairs at my condo.  She gave me a "Oh I thought you were throwing it away". My husband who was supposed to be helping carry everything downstairs gave me the "Oh I didn't know she was going to do that".  I say it was a conspiracy because they didn't want to carry the heavy thing back up when I was ready for it.  I wasn't so happy the day it happened but now I just have to laugh as I think how I must have looked while watching the cabinet roll end over end down a flight of stairs. The pieces are at my Moms, she swears she can put it back together lol.

Wish me luck on getting a new table and that it doesn't end down the stairs.