Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Intentions

I'm a member of the Modern Quilt Guild here in Chattanooga, TN, Our Leader choose to give us a challenge this year. We are to write two of our quilting intentions down and bring them to the January meeting. They will put them away till end of the year and we will see how we fared in our challenge. 

My Intentions are more than two. I intend to cleanup and organize my sewing room. 

One of the reasons for doing this is I want to get a 12 foot table for my longarm so I can do quilts King quilts.

I'm doing a few Block of the Month quilts. :
I wish to add one more but I'm deciding with a friend.

I want to shop my stash but to do that I have to see and know what I have. That brings me to todays post. 

 For Christmas my Mom made me a Big Ironing Board. I sent her a few tutorials that I found on the web and she chose one to follow. Here is the one she followed Tool Time with Christine and her DIY Supersized Ironing Board. Mine is 24" by 60" and it is awesome. Stapled tightly are three layers, Muslin, Insul-Bright, & Cotton Batting. 

The Insul-Bright is what you buy for hot pads. It is composed of polyester fibers needlepunched through a non-woven substrate and through a reflective metalized poly film. This file reflects the heat back up. It is amazing to use to iron with. It doesn't take long at all to get the wrinkles out. Just be careful because your fabric gets pretty warm. 

 I found 3 Under the Bed Totes under my bed that were empty. I will store them under the longarm so have easy access to my fabric and they are clear enough that I see what is in them. I did a google search for Fat Quarter folding Victoriana Quilt had the best one and I can fold up to 3 yards of fabric this way.  Here is how I separated them by size.
Yardage Piles by Size
1/8 yd
4.5" x WOF
1/6 yd
6" x WOF
1/4 yd
9" x WOF
1/3 yd
12" x WOF
3/8 yd
1/2 yd
18" x WOF
2/3 yd
24" x WOF
3/4 yd
27" x WOF
1 yd to 3 yd
36" - 108" x WOF
Fat eighth
18" x 11"
Fat quarter
18" x 22"
Anything smaller than above gets put in a pile
WOF = Width of Fabric which could be anywhere from 33" to 45" depending on the fabric.