Thursday, February 19, 2015

Robert Kaufman Kite Flight Quilt

A client and new friend brought me several quilts to quilt for her.  She always has beautiful quilts that she makes.  Lately she has been purchasing quilt kits to make.  The first three in the stack were done with Minkee backs.

 I'm pretty new to Minkee so the first quilt was basically done with wavy lines as I had read that it was best to straight line quilt them
(and no that isn't true lol)

The second one I got more adventurous with and used a feather motif I had been practicing from Jamie Wallen's Mystical Grid book.(more on that in another post)

After having no trouble with swirls I went onto the third Minkee Quilt. It's Robert Kaufman's Kite Flight Quilt that was bought from a kit at Craftsy Kit. I used my new Ruler Foot which was awesome and did some feathers that I have been practicing.