Monday, July 29, 2013

Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

I'm finally quilting Leah Day's free motion quilting a sampler quilt.  I have a new quilting machine the sunshine 16.  I had a little bit of trouble learning the proper tension and how to use the machine but now I'm ready to do my quilts on it.  Since it's a professional quilting machine, there are few things that are different from a domestic one.  The machine I have is a sitdown machine.  You can also get a frame and handles to make it a longarm machine.   Eventually that is what I like to do.

Once I learned how to Thread, time it and use the proper tension, The machine is working fantastic.  Yesterday I was able to free motion Stitch in the ditch around the entire quilt.  Tonight I quilted four of the sampler blocks.  The techniques in these blocks we're stippling, Paisley, Wandering Cllover, and Echo shell.   They were fairly easy to do and I'm pretty satisfied with them. Granted they arent perfect but for a practice quilt they are nice.

Tomorrow I hope to get more done.