Monday, February 24, 2014

Craftsy Twisted Irish Chain

I'm taking the class "Twisted Irish Chain with Amy Gibson" on  In the class you learn how to do a regular Irish chain as well as some modified ones. I really like Amy Gibsons way of explaining things. I watched all the lessons in one sitting and then choose which of the patterns i wanted to try.  I reccommend her class to anyone no matter skill level.  She explains well.  She was also the one who teaches a free beginning quilting class on Craftsy the 2012 BOM class.

  My husband got me electric quilt 7 for Valentine's Day and I've been playing around with that as well.  I decided to use Electric quilt and put my class Quilt in there.  I truly enjoyed building the quilt and then modifying it. One of the great things about electric quilt is that you can try out different colors and fabrics to see what the quilt might look like before you actually commit to cutting your fabric.

I was also lucky in that I have been cutting up some my scrap fabric and putting it into blocks based on the size so I had a group of 3 inch blocks already to go.   It wasn't enough to complete the quilt, so i had to cut about half of the 3inch blocks myself.  I had fun going through all of my scrap bins and using the smallest scraps. If it was a piece bigger than 5inch square I didnt use it.  Great way to use up the small ones.  I was pretty random in using the scraps.  This made for a fairly quick quilt and was completely made out of fabric that I had scraps for.