Sunday, March 9, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild

Today was my monthly meeting for our modern quilt guild.  It was a special day because it was to be a sew in day.  We were making a Gignomous quilted tote. This bag is a free pattern on the internet and the bag is large enough to hold several quilts and quokting supplies.  It is the perfect bag to carry show and tell, supplies for a sew-in, going on retreat and for those not quilters i say the perfect picnic, beach, or pool bag.  If you didnt wish to make the bag you could choose to bring any project youd like to work on.  

I had a really fun time but only was able to get my bag half finished.  More due to my slowness in sewing and lots of chatting.   When I got home I continued to work on the bag.  It was pretty fun and not too difficult. The Ginormous Tote is by Casey York.  You can visit her blog at

We are shown instuctions on making a new block each month.  We then go home and have the choice of making some to bring in for a block lottery the next month.  For each block you make up to the third one your name will be put into the lottery that many times.  You may donate as many blocks as you like.  The block we made this past month was a cross block in solid colors.  I made three blocks and was lucky enough to win the lottery.  There was enough blocks for 4 people to win.  I recieved 11 blocks. Once you win you may not enter again until you have made a top out of your blocks and show it to the guild.  I was able to pick blocks in shades of aqua, yellow, & olive green. Im looking forward to designing the quilt.  The intersting part is the blocks are all different sizes so it dhould be a great challange.  

While making my cross block i made a mistake but just went with the flow and kept what i did.  I thought it would be a neat block to use. This worked out great because my name was drawn out of a box and I was chosen to teach my block next month for May's block lottery. I'm planning on writing up a tutorial on the block and will post it closer to the time I have to demonstrate it.    

Here are the cross blocks I won.  

I put the hardware on and here is the finished bag