Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Happy Day!!!!

I went to the Georgia quilt show as you know and I won a sewing machine.  I also went back the very next day.  I have wanted to blog and share about it but for me it seemed like a dream and I was waiting for today to share.

The very last day I was at the show I was pretty tired from all the walking around and carrying bags of wonderful goodies that I bought.  Since I'm new to quilting the only magazines I have are the ones the wonderful ladies in my Chattanooga Quilt Guild had given me.  The really gave me a nice collection and I have been reading them from cover to cover.  The publisher was there offering a great deal on magazine.  3 magazines for 2 years for $75.  Now I would have loved to get every magazine at the booth.  All the magazines have something nice about them but I just couldn't afford that many.  Of the ones there, there were 4 that I really liked but I couldn't spend $100 on magazines.  The guy working at the booth graciously gave me 4 for the same price.  The magazines that I will be getting for the next two years are: Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, McCalls Quilting, Quiltmaker, & last but never least Quilters Newsletter.  Since I was tired I decided to sit down for one of the Stage Presentations. It was called:  Machine Quilting; The Long and Short of It by Karen Pharr of Juki.  She did a really great job and I enjoyed it.  I was glad that I had sat down.  Afterward she invited us to the Juki booth.  I walked over but it was very busy.  Accross the hall was there with a booth.  They were next to Juki because they were a dealer for them.  I started talking to Mel from the store and as I was dreamily saying how someday I would love to own a longarm, he was quick to tell me that he a floor model back at his store for sale.  It is a TinLizzie 18 but not the Ram.  It has pantographs and laser light, stitch regulations and their special stitch that lets it lock so you can do a horizontal or vertical line. Since he is a dealer for all of Juki's products he was told he can't sell a competing one anymore since they now have long arms too.  The offer was for less than $5000 with 36 month 0 interest payments.  I called my husband all excited but still knowing he would say no.  I was ready for a no.  Then he super surprised me and said YES!!!

I've been spending the week clearing out my sewing room.  Having my Mom who is a wonder with woodworking to build me a cutting table with drop down sides so I would free up a lot of space. I also have a good friend in my quilt guild who also owns a TinLizzie and I spent a day at her house learning all about my new machine.  Thank you Deb!!!!! In between all that I have had a day quilting with a Quilts of Valor Group (if your interested in learning about QOV is their website.  I also went to the monthly meeting with my Chattanooga Art Quilt Guild: Grateful Threads  This is why I really haven't had a free moment to update as well.

Today is the day I get to go get the Tin Lizzie.  The store is in Atlanta, Georgia so its about an hour and a half drive from my house.  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.